Agent Spotlight | Christine Pini

This Agent Spotlight goes to Christine Pini, a David Lyng Top Producer. She is hardworking, compassionate, a leader in her community, and a total Super-Mom! We are so lucky to have her a part of the David Lyng family! 

Read her Q&A below:


〰️What do you like to do in your free time? Surf, camp, hike, attend my kid’s soccer and baseball games. (son and daughter soccer, son baseball)

〰️Who are your favorite people and why?  My husband is my rock and my best friend. Without him, I could not do what I do. My children are who I do everything for. My sister is the one who encouraged me to go into real estate. She had the vision and understanding as to who I am and where I would shine brightest.

〰️Do you have any animals or pets? I have a cute little kitty named Ishme-dagan named after a Sumerian king. Not our name – but we kept it because we thought it was interesting and fit him. We adopted him from Paws For Love. Our dog Lacey is my sidekick and in my marketing. I’ve brought her to client meetings, showings, and open houses (with homeowner permission) she is always smiling and happy to be along for the ride.

〰️Where are your favorite places and why? Although I surf and am an avid hiker and traveler, I love to be home. My house is such a special place. My husband’s grandfather had it built and created a backyard that embraces his Italian heritage. It is a beautiful garden space that has vegetables, fruit trees, and flowers that all weave together in an environment that is a gift. I love to come home and unwind on my outdoor sofa and look at the garden and surrounding trees.

〰️Favorite Local Eatery? We LOVE Oswalds. My husband and I go there for every special occasion. Our two other go-to spots are Zameen – I treat myself with a Gyro there every time I close a sale and Sawesdee. We LOVE Thai food and they have the best.

〰️Favorite Local Activity and where you like to do it? We mountain bike in Pogonip every Sunday morning on the Emma McCrary trail. It’s such a fun easy trail and a great Sunday morning ride. This is after our weekly Sunday run from New Brighton to the Cement Ship and back. We are overachievers, LOL. I also like to surf at second peak at Pleasure point or Jacks if it’s not crowded. My in-laws have a cabin near Smithwoods RV park in Felton and visiting them in the summer has to be one of my favorite activities. It’s so relaxing.

〰What is something interesting and unique to you? Not sure… what is interesting… I play the Viola. That might be interesting. I have a background in architectural design and spent 12 years in corporate interior design. Worked with clients like Astra Zeneca, Johnson and Johnson, Bank of America, Chase, Fox Rothschild Law, Meridian Health, and others. Our family has traveled extensively in North and Central America we free dive, hike, spearfish, and surf as well as try our best to learn from and appreciate the native culture of every location we have visited (rather than be tourists.) including here in the USA where different regions can have such different cultures.  

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