Agent Spotlight | Liz Foster

This Agent Spotlight goes to the wonderful Liz Foster! A David Lyng Top Producer and overall amazing person. She is passionate in all things Real Estate all while living life to the fullest with her beautiful family! We are so lucky to have her as part of the David Lyng family!
Check out her Q&A below:
〰️How long have you been in Real Estate? Since I was 14. I worked for a family-owned company. I sent faxes (Yes, faxes), picked up lunches and drove keys to listings. I got my license in 2018.
〰️What’s your favorite thing about David Lyng Real Estate? My favorite thing about DL is the support that you receive as an agent. I’m able to bring the best service to my clients because of the amazing team working behind the scenes.
〰️Any advice you would give to a new agent? This job is not easy – if you want easy go and do something else. If you want to connect with people, give them your blood, sweat and tears and make their dreams come true – be a real estate agent.
〰️What do you like to do in your free time? I’m obsessed with my family so they are usually involved but camping, walking, hiking, swimming are all at the top. I like to get outside and move.
〰️Who are your favorite people and why? That is a tough-y. I am surrounded by inspirational women who have shaped me as a person. I can’t pick just one but my mother is pretty high up there although she’s a total piece of work, I love her dearly.
〰️Where are your favorite places and why? Nicene Marks – it’s walking distance from my house and sometimes I like to get lost in there. I also like to go down to Monterey County to Elkhorn Slough and kayak. My husband got me an inflatable kayak for Mother’s Day. Total win.
〰️Favorite Local Eatery? Santa Cruz County has such great food. ok, top 3: Companion Bakery – breakfast
Mentone – “Wow factor”
Cantine – great wine, food and patio
〰️Favorite Local Activity and where you like to do it? I do this thing called “Wogging” – it’s a combination of walking and jogging. It’s for very elite athletes. 🙂 NOT. I can start at Rio Del Mar beach and go almost to La Selva – it’s my jam.
〰️Fun Fact about Liz? I was born and grew up in Arkansas. My husband and I visited Santa Cruz when my family lived here in 2004 and we fell in love. We quit our jobs, rented a moving van and tracked out here with one car and an old dog. We’ve never left and certainly never regretted it.
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