Agent Spotlight – Janie Hanson


If we could celebrate Janie’s amazingness everyday we would! Janie Hanson is a top producing agent in our Scotts Valley office and brings dedication, drive, motivation and passion to her craft along with her fun-loving sense of humor! This family woman brings the heat to our divine County and we love watching her in action!
Check out her Q&A below:
〰️How long have you been in Real Estate? I enter real estate just before the .com crash and boy was it a ride…it made me feel like I could deal with anything after start in a downturn market.
〰️What’s your favorite thing about David Lyng Real Estate? Family, Friends, Integrity helpful and charitable.
〰️Any advice you would give to a new agent? Never give up, each day is a new day and new chance to make a difference in someone’s life!
〰️What do you like to do in your free time? Hike, Mountain Bike, family time with my amazing grandson Karson! I also love listening to live music it resets my soul.
〰️Who are your favorite people and why? My favorite people are my kids, my Mom, and my husband.
My kids to see how they navigate through life in these times makes me amazed and proud of them.
My Mom still owns her own business and drives from Palm Desert to Santa Cruz in one trip! I’m not allowed to share her age she would kill me. lol
I couldn’t do this amazing job I love without the support of my best friend and husband Chris.
〰️Where are your favorite places and why? Fallen Leaf Lake, we are Blessed to have a home there and it lets me unplug and reset.
〰️Favorite Local Eatery? Alderwood, family owned and I love steaks!
〰️Favorite Local Activity and where you like to do it? Listen to live music on the beach!
〰️Additional or interesting information about you: One thing you may not know about me is I was raised on a “huge” Dairy Farm and loved being a farm girl!