Staff Spotlight – Rosie Petruzzi

This staff spotlight goes to the dazzling Rosie Petruzzi! Rosie is such a joy to have around the office and makes everyone feel welcome. She always keeps us smiling and laughing. We appreciate her hard work so much!

〰️ What is your job at DLRE? I’m the Office Coordinator for the Pleasure Point Office! I’m the first smiling face you see when you come into our office. I’m in charge of maintaining a clean, cute and cozy office space. I’m here to help the agents with anything they need. From making flyers, coffee, or birthday cards to answering iPhone questions, posting on social media or just to chat.

〰️ Tell us about you! I was born and raised in Santa Cruz County. My husband, Roman is the owner of Rational Moving. We have the cutest fur baby, Mr. Cat. This past year my husband and I bought a house, we got married in South Lake Tahoe and got to attended 10 of our friends weddings.

〰️ Favorite hobbies? I love making Tiktoks, doing puzzles, reading books, and bowling. I also am a huge fan of all things Disney!

〰️ Favorite local hangout/eatery? Boardwalk Bowl, Humble Sea, Two doors

〰️ Tell us a “fun fact” about you! I have never broken a bone. I can say the alphabet backwards. I’m the oldest of 7 siblings. It is my dream to have twins!

〰️ What to you is the David Lyng Advantage? I love that David Lyng Real Estate is a family owned company and always makes sure staff is happy and taken care of. This company looks out for one another and is so supportive.

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