Aptos’ main town center is inland and includes distinctive architecture of wood frame shops and a board walk sidewalk. The name Aptos is Ohlone and means “the people.” Aptos is pronounced “App-Toss” by locals and is often mispronounced “App-Tose” by tourists. The town’s main industry was lumber from 1880 to 1920 and the Loma Prieta Lumber Company logged what is now Nisene Marks State Park. Within the next 40 years with bare hillsides, the next industry became apple orchards. Aptos is part of the Pajaronian Unified School District, which includes Watsonville, but has its own designated schools including Rio Del Mar Elementary, Aptos Junior High, and Aptos High School. Adjacent to Aptos Junior High School is a 62-acre community park called Polo Fields Park that contains 3 baseball fields, 3 soccer fields, and lots of extra open space. Aptos has a very diverse terrain and geography and is not only known for its beach community but also for its redwood forests and country properties.